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15 Aug

Do you love your dogs as much as your children?

By Binita Dahal One aspect of U.S. culture that I’ve found striking is how much people love their dogs. Almost every home I visited here had a pet dog. I see people walking them every morning and evening, and I ...

09 Aug

Ceremony features prominent AFPP alumna from Russia, Washington Post national security correspondent

Join us at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 8 for a reception, dinner and discussions Highlights of our annual event marking the end of the fellowship year include comments by Russian journalist and Alfred Friendly alumna ...

08 Aug

The Washington Post’s Karen DeYoung Event

You are cordially invited to join the Alfred Friendly Press Partners and our special program sponsors Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman as we celebrate this year’s Friendly Fellows. The Fellows — from Malaysia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Ukraine and Cuba — ...

14 Jul

Indian industrialist and education champion funds fellowship

Abhaya Kumar, a first-generation industrialist from Chennai who’s now chairman of one of India’s largest biotech companies, has made a significant contribution to Alfred Friendly Press Partners that will fund fellowships for rising-star journalists from India in 2018 and 2019. ...

14 Jul

Pearl Fellow wins prestigious Chevening Scholarship

Nicholas Cheng, a 2017 Daniel Pearl Fellow from Malaysia, has been awarded a Chevening Scholarship and accepted into the London School of Economics, where he intends to earn a master’s degree in Conflict Studies. The Chevening Scholarship, aimed at developing ...

06 Jul

Investigative journalism conference an eye-opening experience

By Ashley Bahati Lime |  I discovered something both surprising and shocking at the annual Investigative Reporters and Editors conference in Phoenix, Arizona:  Out of more than 1,500 journalists from across the globe at the event, I may have been the ...

21 Jun

Feeling safe means ‘no guns’ for me

By Yuliana Romanyshyn |  Until recently, I’ve never thought of war in my country or encountering people with guns. For me, war was happening in faraway places and in the memory of my grandparents and older generations who lived through ...

14 Jun

Hacking time

By Nicholas Cheng | Here’s something I would never thought I’d say. I don’t have enough time! The moment the alarm rings at 6.30am, the day has begun and the race is on. All engines go. First the derby is off ...

21 May

My Broadway shot, and I took it

By Nicholas Cheng|  I made a very impulsive purchase one evening last week after doing my weekly budget spreadsheet:  A ticket for one person, in the D row of the Orpheum Theater, to watch “Hamilton.” Now for those who do not ...

17 May

War draws Ukrainian back to reporting

YULIANA ROMANYSHYN Kyiv, Ukraine | Reporter, Kyiv Post Alfred Friendly Fellow | Hosts: Missourian, Chicago Tribune By Veengas Yasmeen | Yuliana Romanyshyn had a comfortable job at an information technology company in a city near Ukraine’s western border when the ...