Dima Stoianov has focused his investigative reporting on corruption in Moldova and contributed the Panama Papers and other transnational reporting projects

Dumitru “Dima” Stoianov is a reporter for RISE Moldova, a media outlet that investigates organized crime, money laundering, corruption, smuggling, tax fraud, arms trafficking, and the hidden business of politicians.

“From a small community of activists we grew up to a professional organization able to generate public reactions on high-level corruption, conflict of interest and misuse of power,” Stoianov wrote.

Stoianov is an investigative team coordinator for projects implemented by RISE and a fact checker for the Organized Crime and Corruption Project, including its work on The Panama Papers transnational reporting project. He developed an implemented the whistleblower platform on the RISE website.

Editor Nicolae Cuschevici, said ”he proved to be highly interested in promoting such values as democracy, freedom of information, human rights and civil society development through the journalism he produced and activities he implemented at RISE Moldova.”

Stoianov will work at Newsy, a cable and over-the-top video news network. Dima’s fellowship is funded by John and Kathy Schirger of Kansas City.