Danish Raza, a reporter and assistant editor at the New Delhi-based Hindustan Times, seeks to improve the coverage of Muslims in India

Danish Raza’s reporting at the Hindustan Times, India’s second largest English language daily newspaper, focuses on social justice, gender and caste violence.  Assignments range from covering the Maoist insurgency to national politics.

“His articles display a passion to cover humanitarian issues with a nuanced approach,” HT’s editor-in-chief, Sukumar Ranganathan, wrote. “He is able to grasp complex issues.  Boiling down policy matters successfully requires a mastery of the subject. …Victims and survivors, rather than experts and aid workers, do most of the talking in his articles.”

Raza recently was promoted to assistant editor and has experience teaching journalism ethics and law to college students. He will work at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. By the end of his fellowship, he intends to produce a handbook for journalists, “Covering Muslims in India.”

“Based on my experience of covering Muslims, Islamic affairs in India, combined with the insights gained at the host newsroom (during the fellowship), I wish to help news organisations back home become pluralistic and inclusive, particularly in their portrayal of Muslims,” Raza said.

Raza’s fellowship is funded by the Patrick and Janna Stueve Foundation.