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29 Jul

Fellow blog post: Emran Hossain – The Oofs and Ahhs of American encounters

By Emran Hossain She jumped off the sidewalk and veered across the street, followed by her dog.   Although it was broad daylight, I was lost and had approached the 50-something white lady about directions to find my way back ...

24 Jul

Fellow blog post: Khalid Khattak – Reflection on the Midterm Seminar

By Khalid Khattak “Yay, you made your first slideshow!” These words from Reuben Stern suddenly echoed in my mind when I recalled my recent trip to Columbia, Missouri for the Alfred Friendly Midterm Seminar Futures’ Lab Editor at the Donald ...

01 Jul

Glenda Ortega co-hosts KBIA radio show “New media law angers journalists in Ecuador”

By Glenda Ortega, Rehman Tungekar and David Reed Published at KBIA.org in June 27  Listen to the radio show  Ecuador’s government made international news for two actions recently. The country’s foreign minister met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at its London embassy. ...