Zeinab Salih

Zeinab SalihZeinab Salih 

Sudan | Award-winning journalist

Daniel Pearl Foundation Fellow | Host: U.S. News & World Report 

Zeinab Salih, an award-winning journalist from Khartoum, has written about women’s rights, the oppression of religious minorities and the recent wars — even though coverage of the rebellion is outlawed in Sudan and the government severely censors media reports. She has also managed to write articles about human trafficking, a cholera epidemic, environmental problems and corruption.

“My country has known decades of war and civil strife — even before independence from Great Britain in 1955,” Salih wrote in her application. “I believe the main reason for ongoing conflicts in Sudan is because we do not really know each other and lack the information that would lead to greater respect for our diversity.”

In May 2008, Salih and three of her colleagues were captured and imprisoned in Abyei, a disputed area between northern and southern Sudan, while reporting on the ethnic conflict between the Misseriya Arabs and ethnic Dinka there. They were the first domestic journalists to attempt to report on the problems and poor conditions facing the Misseriya. Neither this experience, nor subsequent arrests, could not keep Salih from pursuing her aspirations.

“I want to help the Sudanese people to know each other better by enabling journalists to tell stories that haven’t yet been told,” she said.

Salih has written on political, social, and economic issues in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Somaliland for international publications including The Guardian and The New York Times.

A Daniel Pearl Foundation Fellow, Salih will work at U.S. News & World Report in Washington, D.C., and contribute to international publications.

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