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15 May

Fellowship Blog: How the Washington Post does it – Harry Misiko

HOW THE WASHINGTON POST DOES IT BY HARRY MISIKO This media giant in the heart of Washington, D.C. operates quite differently from my home newsroom at the Nation Media Group in Nairobi, and from Kenyan media in general. The Washington ...

14 May

Fellowship Blog: First Impressions – Anastasia Forina

First Impressions of the United States By Anastasia Forina It was first time in Washington, D.C. and first time in the United States. To be honest, there are things I really enjoy here and some things I really don’t like.  ...

13 May

Fellowship Blog: On American Diversity – Daniel Pearl Fellow Sherif Tarek

On American Diversity By Sherif Tarek, 2014 Daniel Pearl Fellow One doesn’t have to stay long in D.C. or Los Angeles to realize they are ethnically and religiously diverse to a great extent. But what makes American diversity different from ...

12 May

Fellowship Blog: First Impressions of D.C. and Pittsburgh! – Arshad Dogar

First Impressions of D.C. and Pittsburgh! By Arshad Dogar I landed at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C., on the evening of March 19, 2014, and drove toward the hotel on Connecticut Avenue. I observed that everything, including buildings, roads ...

11 May

Fellowship Blog: No freedom without ethics – Sahar Majid

No freedom without ethics BY SAHAR MAJID This Press Freedom Day, I don’t want to write about the issues journalists face when it comes to freedom of speech. I would like to highlight the way they sometimes misuse their power ...

09 May

Fellowship Blog: I Love America—Land of the “Can Do” Attitude – Zahid Gishkori

I Love America—Land of the “Can Do” Attitude ZAHID GISHKORI I love the United States of America because it’s a land of opportunities, the land where the “can do” attitude prevails and dreams can come true. Since I landed here ...

08 May

Fellowship Blog: Kenyan Parliament fights to tame media – Harry Misiko

KENYAN PARLIAMENT FIGHTS TO TAME MEDIA BY HARRY MISIKO The Fourth Estate. That is the watchdog that some members of the executive and legislative arms of the Kenyan government believe should never operate freely. Like a thief who prays for ...

07 May

Fellowship Blog: Press Freedom in Ukraine Compared to Chicago – Anastasia Forina

Press Freedom in Ukraine Compared to Chicago BY ANASTASIA FORINA During my first month with the Chicago Tribune I noticed one significant difference between people’s perception of the press in the United States and in Ukraine. It’s all about trust, ...

06 May

Fellowship Blog: Press freedom: How oppressed are you? – Sherif Tarek, Daniel Pearl Fellow

Press freedom: How oppressed are you? BY SHERIF TAREK, Daniel Pearl Fellow “Have you faced pressure not to report certain issues?” This is a question I have been asked quite frequently since I came here in the United States. The ...

05 May

Fellowship Blog: Freedom of the Press – Arshad Dogar

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS BY ARSHAD DOGAR                                        As World Press Freedom Day was observed across the world, in Pakistan media houses ...

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