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27 Sep

2019 Macedonia Media Mentorship Program

Data-Driven, In-Depth, Multi-Platform Storytelling |  An Alfred Friendly/US Embassy Workshop Series Coordinated by the Association of Journalists of Macedonia EXTENDED DEADLINE for applications: March 4, 2019 Application Macedonia Storytelling Workshops 2019 AFPP Participants in this series of five workshops will ...

11 Jul

Border assignment brings child separation issue home

By Juan Luis García When the national outcry began over the separation of children from adults who crossed into the United States from Mexico illegally, the Texas Tribune sent me to the border.   This was my first experience covering ...

04 May

Meeting famous journalists and war heroes

By Krenar Sadiku | Time does not wait for us mortals, it keeps its pace and we need to keep up. That is how I have felt since I have been in Columbia. A lot is going on, and I ...

01 May

Working for 60 Minutes: A Dream Becomes Reality

By Farah Ajlouni | I was thrilled when I found out I was selected for the Daniel Pearl fellowship. It felt like a reward after all these years of hard work. I was ready to embark on the 6-month journey ...

30 Apr

J-School Experience was exceptional

By Aurora Karameti | My experience  at the Missouri School of Journalism was exceptional in three aspects: Academically, I learned many new things and I confirmed many of my opinions. The famous “Missouri Method” surprised me in several ways. It ...

26 Apr

Press Freedom Index: ‘The map is getting darker’

Reporters Without Borders has just released their 2018 World Press Freedom Index. The results aren’t good and show that we have a lot of work to do.   Global press freedom continues to decline in 2018. Hostility towards journalists is ...

25 Apr

Multitasking in TV reporting poses new challenge

By Danche Azmanova |  What do you do when the camera is heavier than you? How do you manage to hold the microphone in one hand, take notes with the other and shoot a video at the same time, while ...

24 Apr

Discovering new lessons in radio journalism and American culture

By Anna Yakutenko | It has been three weeks since I started my Fellowship at Kansas City University Radio – an affiliate of National Public Radio in Kansas City, Missouri. And I must admit, it’s a challenging time having to ...

18 Apr

Universities provide key role in journalism’s future

By Juan Luis García |  More than ever, it is important to recognize professional journalism and how universities play a crucial role to prepare future generations. As part of the Alfred Friendly fellowship, I have the opportunity to compare the ...

Krenar Sadiku
03 Apr

Giving your heart and mind to a city

By Krenar Sadiku |  If you think you can’t teach seasoned journalists new tricks, think again. Think of a place far away. Think of a country with a distant and different way of life, although it might seem so close ...

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