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Nikola Krstikj
03 Apr

Macedonia vs Missouri method of journalism education

By Nikola Krstikj | Learning by doing — this is the essence of the famed Missouri Method practiced at one of the oldest journalism schools in the world. Teaching without practice – this is the way not only journalism but ...

Danche Azmanova
02 Apr

Learning through the Missouri Method reaffirms my career choice

by Danche Azmanova People say that when you are 25 years old, you don’t know what you want from life. Well… that is really not my case. Since I was 5 years old, I knew I wanted to become a ...

Ivan Kuzmanovski
01 Apr

My first week in the States

By Ivan Kuzmanovski |  It was four o’clock in the morning on March 15 when I left for the airport in Skopje, where I checked in and started the journey of my life. Just 20 hours later, I was in ...

08 Mar

Orientation and Initial Training, Missouri School of Journalism

Orientation and Initial Training, Missouri School of Journalism More than a dozen faculty members and specialists participate in hands-on training, seminars and discussions at the Missouri School of Journalism. The activity takes place in computer labs, lecture halls, conference rooms, ...

21 Nov

New grads make immediate impact in home newsrooms

Back now in southern Pakistan, Veengas Yasmeen has launched a website that she built during her fellowship, which gives a voice to the voiceless by covering issues such as equal rights for women and religious minorities. Meanwhile, the other Class ...

21 Nov

Mentor reunites with alumni in South America

By Jackie Combs- Nelson The South American leg of my “Alfred Friendly Press Partners World Tour” began in mid-September — a reunion in Chile with investigative reporter Alejandra Matus, a Fellow from the Class of 1997 and now one the ...

31 Aug

Agenda Yahudi: A view from the middle

By Nicholas Cheng | In Malaysia, some of us spend a lot of time worrying about Israel, a country 6,427 miles away, and one we’ve never had conflict with. The last Jews left the country in the 1940’s and most ...

30 Aug

Efficient Communication: a good lesson to take home

By Yuliana Romanyshyn | As the fellowship is approaching its end, I’m thinking about all the lessons I learned and how I can adopt some of them at home in Ukraine. Improving the culture of communication should be on the ...

23 Aug

Is big truly beautiful?

By Smitha Rajan | I love food, much to the detriment of my ever-expanding waist. I love eating it, hate cooking it and can happily set aside my conscience to do anything (ok, well most of the things) as long ...

16 Aug

Disheartened by Kenya’s post-election violence

By Ashley Bahati Lime |  As the dust settles on last week’s hotly contested Kenyan general elections, we must take time to reflect on the legacy we will bequeath our youth. Future generations will remember this period when deadly protests ...

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