• Eight reporters and editors, from Cuba, Kenya, Pakistan, Ukraine, India, Nepal and Malaysia, participated in the 2017 program, which runs from March through early September and starts with an intensive training program at the Missouri School of Journalism.
  • Alfred Friendly Press Partners bonds with journalists and news organizations from information hungry societies and prepares them to practice professional, ethical, and innovative journalism.
  • After another two weeks of training at MU in July and a final seminar in Washington, D.C., the Fellows return to their home countries, where they share their new knowledge and skills with their newsroom colleagues.
  • The fellows work for five months at U.S. news organizations. Guided by mentors, they participate in daily newsroom activities, get stories published and gain a deep understanding of journalism in America.
  • Fellows reunite in July for the mid-term seminar and get hands-on training in data journalism, investigative reporting and advanced multimedia reporting at the Missouri School of Journalism.
  • The agenda also includes lectures on ethics and communications law, using social media for reporting, using mobile tools for reporting, data reporting and multimedia reporting.

2017 Fellowship Class

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Class of 2017: The fellowship experience

Reporters and editors from seven countries converged at a college campus and bonded over a passion for journalism. They shared their meals, their culture, their dreams. They learned from one another and ...

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