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For Immediate Release:  November 1, 2012
Contact: Katie Rudolph, krudolph[at]presspartners[dot]org

New Name and Look as Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships
Focus on Partnerships to Build Journalism Excellence

WASHINGTON – The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships, born in a world emerging from colonialism, has become the Alfred Friendly Press Partners. The name — coming with a new logo and a website crafted for a new decade — reflects a new model of cooperation in training journalists for global excellence.

Since 1983, the organization has trained and placed more than 300 international journalists – from 78 countries – in U.S. newsrooms for six-month fellowships. It was created by former Washington Post editor Alfred Friendly to respond to the needs of newsrooms in countries that were setting aside tyranny and censorship.

“Many of those once-struggling newsrooms are now vibrant, energetic and ambitious,” said Jonathan Friendly, chairman of the Alfred and Jean Friendly Foundation Board, which supports the Press Partners program. “They want a two-way street where Western expertise can both strengthen and learn from the processes and values the newsrooms cherish.”

He said the name change “recognizes the strong partnerships we have with many outside organizations and our goal of expanding the organization beyond our well-respected fellowships.”

Also introduced today is the Press Partners’ new logo and motto, Lifting up journalism around the world. 

Randall D. Smith, Press Partners’ president, noted that Alfred Friendly, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, was a visionary who understood the need to raise newsroom standards as a way to lift nations.

“Strong journalism helps citizens around the world take charge of their future,” Smith said. “We have seen this recently in the Middle East. But it has also happened in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Alfred Friendly journalists are in all of these places, and we can see the result of the work of more than 300 journalists who span multiple generations and hundreds of publications.”

The organization is also unveiling its new website (  The site has a contemporary look and compelling content.  Visitors can watch fellows’ videos about the impact of their experience; search the world map to view our global reach and learn about news and events.

“We wanted a website that worked well on all devices: smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets,” said Kathleen Graham, Press Partners’ executive director. “The site reflects the new digital direction of the organization and serves as a valuable tool for our fellows, host newsrooms, funders and journalists here and around the world.”

About Alfred Friendly Press Partners:  In the belief that just societies must have a vigorous and principled free press, Alfred Friendly Press Partners aims to build strong newsrooms that make possible an informed citizenry. We work to strengthen skills and values by placing talented international journalists in U.S. newsrooms and by establishing long-term training partnerships with news organizations that share our goal of fostering professional excellence.

For more information, visit www.presspartners.orgPlease note our email addresses have changed: kgraham[at]presspartners[dot]org; krudolph[at]presspartners[dot]org and info[at]presspartners[dot]org.


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