Alumni Testimonials

 What our alumni say about the program:

 “The Alfred Friendly and Daniel Pearl Foundation fellowships made me realize I could go that extra mile to prove I am a competent journalist. My experience in the US was priceless in the sense that I will return with a vast knowledge to share with my home newsroom.”

—     Aida Ahmad, Malaysia, 2012, hosted by Los Angeles Times (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

“It was the highlight of my career, so far. I made some of the most important friends of my life during this fellowship and have spent some of the most beautiful and full moments of my life here. I will never be able to wash away the images and experiences of these five months from my mind. It was more than a learning experience for me.” 

—     Aoun Sahi, Pakistan, 2010, hosted by Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Bureau (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

“I have high hopes now for more serious, more courageous journalistic practice. It was great, really.”

—    Amr Emam, Egypt, 2007, hosted by San Francisco Chronicle (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

 “… the Alfred Friendly Fellowship has blessed me with such a lasting legacy. For almost two years I have been benefiting from the journalism training in your country. My six-month experience in Washington and Denver has taught me to be a more aggressive – and versatile – reporter, and that’s what I’m doing.”

—    Huanxin  Zhao, China, 2002, hosted by Denver Rocky Mountain News

“As an Alfred Friendly Fellow you’re more sure of yourself…you feel you can adapt to the writing style of any paper or magazine in any part of the world.” 

—    Doyin Adedeji, Nigeria, 1998, hosted by The Kansas City Star

“The program was invaluable. It gave me a view of America and the press there that I would never have gained, no matter how many articles or books I read.” 

—    C.K. Meena, India, 1988, hosted by The Baltimore Sun 

“Alfred Friendly Press Partners made me a complete journalist.”

—    Ranee Mohamed, Sri Lanka, 1987, hosted by St. Petersburg Times

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