Founder awarded Pulitzer in 1968

Alfred Friendly was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 1968 for his coverage of the Middle East War of 1967. After serving as managing editor of The Washington Post from 1955-1965, Friendly went to London to become the paper’s European, Middle East and African reporter. In 1967, Friendly dispatched exclusive reports from Tel Aviv to Washington, including the first eye-witness report of Israeli fighting on the Syrian front, and articles that revealed Soviet military participation and described the 36 hours before the war officially began.

The articles below highlight some of Alfred Friendly’s work and include coverage of the Six-Day War and its aftermath. A special thanks to Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI) for allowing us to post this collection of articles.

May 26, 1967: Israeli View: Jerusalem Fears Plot to Destroy the Nation
May 27, 1967: From Israel: Military Said to Expect Sudden Egyptian Attack
June 5, 1967: Israel Cabinet Hints Fear West Moves Too Slowly
June 6, 1967: Israeli Troops Quickly Cut Off Gaza Strip from Egypt
June 10, 1967: Nasser’s Reasoning; Information Seems Deficient
June 11, 1967: Flight Over Sinai Desert: Witness to Egypt’s Disaster
June 12, 1967: Truce Holds; Israel Lists Light Losses
June 15, 1967: 200,000 Jews Join Trek to Wailing Wall
June 17, 1967: Occupation Forces: Restoring Normal Life
June 24, 1967: The Arab Refugees: What Will They Really Do?
July 22, 1967: Arab Delusions: Peace is Remote, as Realities Are Ignored
July 23, 1967: The Strange Erasure of Arab Town
August 8, 1967: Israel’s Image: Agreement on Refugees
August 12, 1967: Trespassers in Israel: Hard Words, Soft Drinks Greet Newsmen
August 15, 1967: Economic and Human Problems Facing Israel on the West Bank
August 16, 1967: Big Question on the West Bank: Arabs’ Attitudes Toward Israel
August 19, 1967: The Israeli Image: How It Contrasts With America’s
August 27, 1967: Israel Simply Wants to Hold Its High Cards

April 20, 1968: Words in the Middle East Valued More Than Deeds
April 27, 1968: Hussein’s Time Grows Short To Make a Peace With Israel
May 4, 1968: Israel Sees No Early Peace With Nasser Blocking Way

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