In today’s world where anyone with a cell phone can report “news,” there is a tremendous need for a professional class of journalists and serious independent news organizations that the public can trust. Amateur, self-taught reporters can be easily manipulated by a single faction to show only one side of the story.  It’s often difficult for foreign correspondents to get visas in countries with severe conflicts, which heightens the need for independent, on-the-ground, local reporting. Using solid, impartial data for investigative stories helps insulate journalists, or provides cover when they start getting criticized for their articles. A fully funded named fellowship is $40,000. You and/or your company can make an enormous impact by contributing for a fellow from a particular country; for a particular U.S. newsroom set to mentor an international journalist for the benefits within its own organization as well as without; or from a particular international newsroom that is significantly challenging the status quo and holding its government accountable. The future of investigative journalism depends on our ability to nurture a critical mass of resolute reporters and publishers around the world.

  • Country-specific fellowship – Over three decades, Alfred Friendly Press Partners has hosted 333 journalists from 82 separate countries, dispersed to work in major U.S. newsrooms and media outlets that number in the dozens.  Even a small number of groundbreaking investigative reports can make a significant impact in a country with restrictive media. Certain countries need more help than others. A particular country’s diaspora may well recognize the essential nature of professional journalists where there is struggle for democracy and conflict. Fellows trained through the Alfred Friendly program become role models for home newsroom colleagues, and a force for bringing social issues to the foreground in societies where people have no voice, dignity, or justice.
  • U.S. newsroom partner fellowship – Alfred Friendly Fellows develop international networks among journalist colleagues and lasting relationships with members of their fellowship class and mentors from U.S. newsrooms; these relationships support them when they return to their home newsrooms, and give them an ongoing global, professional perspective. The  U.S. host newsrooms benefit immensely from the presence of a seasoned, professional international journalist. This helps expand their international network for the U.S. newsrooms, offering a glimpse into the lives of journalists and their countrymen, and contributing to the cause of globalizing free speech. Several U.S. newsroom partners have mentored an Alfred Friendly Fellows year after year because of the benefits they experience.
  • International newsroom partner fellowship – Journalists served by the Alfred Friendly Fellows come from countries where they are usually poorly paid and often work in isolated, unsupported conditions. Some of the sending newsrooms recognize how a returning Alfred Friendly Fellow contributes to their enterprise, and for this reason the sending newsrooms have worked to secure funds to send journalists as fellows for more than one year. We are eager to partner with international newsrooms and media organizations to organize support for Fellows.

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