Advisory Board

The Alfred Friendly Press Partners Advisory Board is composed of news leaders in print, broadcast and digital journalism. They include top-ranked editors, international journalists, innovative educators and pioneering thinkers.

The advisory board provides program advice on journalism issues. Among its roles:

  • Identifying how the fellows – and their home organizations – can benefit most from the fellowship
  • Recruiting accomplished journalists to train international media organizations in areas such as newsroom management, political coverage and investigative reporting
  • Reviewing fellowship applications
  • Recruiting and training U.S. host and international partner newsrooms


Gilbert Bailón
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  Joanna Ossinger

Markets editor, Bloomberg News


Kevin Drew

Assistant Managing Editor, International

News, U.S. News & World Report

Marina Walker Guevara

Deputy Director, International Consortium

of Investigative Journalists

Joseph Odindo Joseph Odindo
Editorial Director
Standard Group
Nairobi, Kenya
  Francesco Marconi 

Manages strategy, co-leads automation and

AI efforts at The Associated Press

Jackie Combs-Nelson 

Former designer/editor,  Chicago Tribune

Rob Eshman
Former Director, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of TRIBE Media
Teri Hayt
Executive Director
American Society of News Editors
Greg Victor
Op-Ed/Forum Editor
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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