2015 Fellowship Class

Saher Baloch

Karachi, Pakistan | Dawn, Dawn Media Group

Daniel Pearl Fellow | Host: Los Angeles Times

Pakistani reporter challenges authorities in conflict zone

Saher Baloch will never forget her reporting trip to a mass grave discovered in one of Pakistan’s most dangerous areas. Her mixed feelings of excitement and fear of the unknown, and the gloom of the scene in Khuzdar, still linger in her mind. Baloch was the only reporter and only female at the gravesite in Balochistan province, and the experience marked a turning point in her professional career. (More…)


Arooj Zahra

Arooj Zahra

Lahore, Pakistan | GEO News

Daniel Pearl Fellow | Host: The Washington Post

Broadcaster believes her stories can bring positive change 

For Arooj Zahra, fear is not an option. Decades of violent extremism and armies of religious fanatics did not stop the young journalist from chasing stories in Pakistan’s dangerous places. Neither did the killing of colleagues, including one journalist she knows who died trying to find out where the Taliban was keeping prisoners. (More…) 



Saturday, March 21. (Photo by Adam Vogler)


Yangon, Myanmar | The Irrawaddy magazine

Host:Tribe Media/The Jewish Journal

Karen State native wants to start ethnic media enterprise

After surviving civil wars in 1990s, Saw Yan Naing and his family were forced to flee their remote village in eastern Burma’s Karen State when it was under  attack by army soldiers, and he lived for years in refugee camps across the border in Thailand. (More…)



David Herbling

Nairobi, Kenya | Business Today, Nation Media Group

Alfred Friendly Fellow | Host: Chicago Tribune 

David Herbling taught for an aid agency in Somalia and was a community facilitator in Kenya when he decided to follow his enthusiasm for community service into journalism. Nation Media Group, the largest media conglomerate in East and Central Africa, selected Herbling as a graduate trainee in 2011 and gave him a full-time reporting job nine months later. (More…)




Kyiv, Ukraine | Kyiv Post

Host: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Grytsenko reports from Maidan to the front lines in Donetsk

In times of peace, Oksana Grytsenko focused on politics and social issues as a staff writer at the Kyiv Post. When the revolution started, she headed to the Maidan. After Russia invaded Crimea and fomented an armed rebellion in eastern Ukraine, Grytsenko became one of the main war correspondents at the Post,  Ukraine’s largest  English-language newspaper. (More..)



Isaac Imaka

Kampala, Uganda | Daily Monitor, Nation Media Group

Host: Miami Herald

Ugandan turns his storytelling nature into a profession

Isaac Imaka, who covers politics and the oil and gas industry for one of Uganda’s leading newspapers, got quite an early start in his career. When he was a “cheeky” child growing up the countryside near Jinja in eastern Uganda, his mother called him “the village journalist.” (More…)


Tarun Shukla

New Delhi, India | Mint

Host: Wall Street Journal

Hindustan Times reporter hones ‘newshound’ instincts

As a big believer that you learn by doing, Tarun Shukla jumped at the first opportunity to practice journalism. It paid off. Shukla started out managing the website for one the oldest English dailies in India, but was dissatisfied. “Thankfully, my bosses at The Pioneer smelled a newshound in me,” Shukla who grew up in Meerut wrote, “and, within a couple of months, I was pulled away out from the website and put on the reporting desk.” (More…)


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