Kiran Nazish, Pakistan

Kiran Nazish
Freelancer, Lahore, Pakistan
The New York Times (U.S. Host Newsroom)
Daniel Pearl Fellow

Kiran Nazish, 31, is an award-winning Pakistani journalist who has worked as a reporter, print editor, TV and radio producer/director and trainer. She is also a journalism professor, currently teaching “Reporting in Conflict” and “International Journalism” in Delhi, India.

Nazish has reported from some of the most dangerous places in Pakistan on issues of conflict and the aftermath of war. She has covered agencies in FATA, Peshawar, Quetta, Awaran, Liyari and Kashmir.

Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Dawn, Express Tribune, The Huffington Post, Foreign Policy, AfPak, AlJazeera, The Diplomat, LaStampa, Washington Post/TV, Forbes, Asia Times Online and the Columbia Journalism Review.

Nazish is a Daniel Pearl Fellow and will be hosted by The New York Times. About her fellowship, Nazish said, “I aim to refine my reporting and editing skills under supervision of senior journalists at The New York Times, and I hope that the lessons I learn on the fellowship will reflect in my own journalistic work and will also make me a better journalism trainer.”

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