Sherif Tarek, 2014, hosted by the Los Angeles Times (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

Nasry Esmat, 2010, hosted by ProPublica/LA Times (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

Sherine El Madany, 2009, hosted by LA Times (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

Amr Emam, 2007, hosted by San Francisco Chronicle (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

Hanan Hammad, 1998, hosted by Denver Rocky Mountain News

Mariam Sami El-Waqf, 1997, hosted by The New York Times

Omayma Abdel-Latif, 1994, hosted by The Detroit News

Dina Ezzat, 1993, hosted by USA Today

Mae Ghalwash, 1992, hosted by The Washington Post

Sameh Abdallah, 1991, hosted by The Detroit News

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