Segun Adeoye, 2011, hosted by Sun-Sentinel

Betty Abah, 2006, hosted by Denver Rocky Mountain News

Rose Moses, 2002, hosted by Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Tamunoibim Semenitari, 1999, hosted by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Doyin Adedeji, 1998, hosted by The Kansas City Star

Angela Agoawike, 1998, hosted by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sam Omatseye, 1997, hosted by Denver Rocky Mountain News

Olatunji Bello, 1992, hosted by St. Petersburg Times

Abiodun Raufu, 1991, hosted by US News & World Report

Okechukwu Ifionu, 1989, hosted by The Baltimore Sun

Taiwo Obe, 1988, hosted by Newsweek

Dele Omotunde, 1987, hosted by The Philadelphia Inquirer

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