Lei Lei, 2010, hosted by Chicago Tribune

Zhiming Xin, 2009, hosted by St. Paul Pioneer Press

Yunting “Ivan” Zhai, 2008, hosted by St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Yi Lou, 2007, hosted by The Philadelphia Inquirer

Kejin Qian, 2005, hosted by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Huanxin Zhao, 2001, hosted by Denver Rocky Mountain News

Binglan Xu, 2000, hosted by San Antonio Express News

Jianxiang Yang, 1999, hosted by The Kansas City Star

Xiangyang Huang, 1999, hosted by Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Lei Yu, 1997, hosted by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Xiguang Li, 1995, hosted by The Washington Post

Meiyue Zhou, 1994, hosted by The Philadelphia Inquirer

Hong Miao, 1992, hosted by USA Today/The Tennessean

Sun Ying Xia, 1987, hosted by The (Quincy) Patriot Ledger

Donald Cheung, 1985, hosted by Newsday

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