Waqas Banoori

Waqas Banoori
Independent Press Network, Islamabad, Pakistan (Home Newsroom)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (U.S. Host Newsroom)
2013 Daniel Pearl-Saleem Shahzad Fellow

Waqas Banoori, 26, is an editor with the Independent Press Network in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is also a columnist for The Frontier Post, a leading English newspaper with circulation in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

From 2006-2007 Banoori was a correspondent with Saudi TV II where he produced issue-based programs on national and local Pakistan television. He also has worked with Pakistan national newswires including NNI and IPN and other publications. He has a wide range of interests including politics, international and regional issues, democracy, religion, environment, health, poverty and development.

In 2013, Banoori was a team leader for the first National Youth Summit. He is an Action Partner of Oxfam International Youth Partnerships and a member of Young Journalists Association of Pakistan.

In his application, Banoori notes that he began his journalism career during the time of a dictatorship followed by emergency rule and then an extremist society. “I will take this fellowship opportunity to work in a free environment,” he writes, “… to work in a society enjoying freedom, rights and privileges that we cannot even imagine in a developing country like Pakistan.”

He is a Daniel Pearl-Saleem Shahzad Fellow and will be hosted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


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