Dear friends, Randy Smith

This was a challenging year on many levels but one aspect remained true — we all depended  on journalism that is ethical, innovative and influential.

Your backing helped Alfred Friendly Press Partners play a critical role in lifting up journalism around the world. You’ve demonstrated, through your contributions, that these values matter to you and our world. 

Now, we’re ready to start a New Year with a renewed sense of hope and inspiration. That includes the extraordinary journalists from across the globe who are patiently waiting to travel to the U.S. to train at the Missouri School of Journalism and within leading U.S. newsrooms so they can better inform all of us.  

Your support at this time means we’ll have the resources needed to ensure their fellowships seamlessly move forward. 

Our 2022 Fellows are: 

  • David Mono Danga, a correspondent for Voice of America and co-founder of an online investigative media platform in South Sudan
  • Jody García, a reporter in Guatemala who contributes to the New York Times 
  • Anastasia Valeeva, a data journalist and project coordinator who’s led investigative reports from Russia and neighboring Kyrgyzstan

The Class of 2022 also includes eight reporters from South Asia in the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, an investigative reporting platform for a worldwide network of independent media centers and journalists. 

These incoming Fellows include Parth Nikhil, an independent reporter based in Mumbai who primarily writes about rural India and sociopolitical topics, and Indunil Arachchi of Sri Lanka, a reporter who’s contributed to international news outlets. Others will come from Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

We know they’ll follow in the footsteps of alumni such as Humayoon Babur, who this year provided early insights from Afghanistan as the U.S. military prepared to leave; Alia Ibrahim who started a groundbreaking digital media company in Lebanon, and Daniela Castro, who’s tracking the pandemic in Colombia and across South America.

Now, more than ever, your financial backing will help us continue our nonprofit’s important work by ensuring our fellows have the travel, housing and logistical support needed for successful fellowships.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and thoughts. 

With much appreciation, 

Randy Smith


P.S. Alfred Friendly Press Partner has trained more than 330 early-career journalists from over 80 countries since 1984 thanks to supporters like you. Next year you, and all of us, will need even more ethical and accurate reporting from around the world. Your tax-deductible contribution will help make it happen.