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07 Apr

Fellowship program pauses, prepares for 40th anniversary

Alfred Friendly Press Partners is taking a yearlong hiatus to reevaluate its international journalism fellowship program and plan for its 40th anniversary in spring 2024. The nonprofit organization provides young journalists, primarily from developing countries, with hands-on training from experts ...

13 Mar

‘Russian?’ Here’s how Georgians react

By Khatia Shamanauri, Alfred Friendly Class of 2020 Exactly a year ago, in a local Welsh pub in Cardiff, a friend of my housemate asked me a seemingly harmless question: “Which Georgia are you from – American Georgia, or Russian ...

24 Feb

Alumnus at forefront of India’s digital video movement

Fellowship training facilitated reporter’s transition from print news “So Far, India’s Ballistic Missiles Have Been Nuclear Weapon Carriers. Now, It Plans A Rocket Force Tipped With Conventional Warheads. Can It Deter An Aggressive China?” “India’s Election Commission Has Proposed A ...

15 Feb

Newest Fellows demonstrate explanatory journalism skills with insightful reporting from India, Guatemala, Nepal

Parth Nikhil covered the last leg of Rahul Gandhi’s march across India to explain his effort to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dominance. Gagandeep Singh examined an economic survey of Punjab to explain where India’s far north state is leading ...

25 Jan

Friendly alum, media groups condemn reporter’s arrest

News media and human rights groups condemned the arrest of a Pakistani journalist accused of aiding Ahmad Noorani’s reporting on assets amassed by Pakistan’s army chief. Shahid Aslam, a reporter for Bol News, was jailed on Jan. 13 and charged ...

24 Jan

How coding can make your journalism faster, bigger, and smarter

By Anastasia Valeeva | During my Alfred Friendly fellowship, I spent ten months as part of the data team at The Marshall Project, a news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system. Coming from an environment where we mainly relied on ...

13 Jan

New graduates quickly advance careers

It’s typical for Alfred Friendly graduates to attain more substantial roles in journalism after returning home, but the Class of 2022 is in a class of its own. In December and January, four of the Fellows landed better jobs: Gagandeeop ...

29 Dec

Words have the power to create change

Words, facts, stories, they hold the powerful accountable, they inform nations, they enlighten peoples' beliefs and understanding of the world around them, they create change. Words are the tools which journalists around the world use to fight corruption, to rebel ...

26 Dec

What can you accomplish in a year?

Taking the Fellowship program is a big commitment and come graduation day, the Fellows have more than earned their certification. However, this is often not the only big accomplishment for our past fellows, so as 2022 nears its end, we ...

20 Dec

What book would you recommend?

What book would you recommend? Our 2022 Fellows share what’s on their bookshelf. As we approach the end of the year, it’s a time of reflection, celebration, generosity, and hopefully a time to recharge. One of the many ways we like ...

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