Danche Azmanova

Danche Azmanova

Danche Azmanova

Macedonia | Correspondent, NOVA TV

Macedonian Fellow | Host: WCSC Live5News, Charleston, SC

Azmanova, 25, has worked as a journalist for NOVA TV for four years. She hopes to eventually become an editor-in-chief and, in the long-term, an arbiter of media freedom for Macedonia.

She said Macedonia is known as “the bad boy of the Balkans,” and she fears conditions are getting worse. With declining press freedom and revelations of government wiretapping of journalists, Azmanova said she wants to help drive the change to secure a free press for her country.

“Despite the difficulties, I am optimistic about the future,” Azmanova wrote in her application. “A new generation of journalists is emerging. I believe they will change the state of the media, with a little support. That is why we need to equip these journalists with a world-class education and an unshakable belief that what they do will make a difference. We need a free press. We must have it.”

Describing herself as an “energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge,” Azmanova hopes to share the skills she gains through the fellowship with other Macedonian reporters by conducting workshops and writing guidebooks for ethical journalism.

“I want to be able to use media to inspire people, challenge the norm, encourage society to evolve and be a catalyst for change,” she wrote.

During the fellowship, Azmanova will work at WCSC in Charleston, S.C.

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