Farah Ajlouni

Farah Ajlouni

Farah Ajlouni

Jordan | News Anchor

Daniel Pearl Fellow | Host: 60 Minutes

A news anchor and correspondent for Jordan TV’s daily English news program, Farah Ajlouni was raised in France, Chile and Italy as an ambassador’s daughter but went against her family’s wishes to become a journalist. She has reported on issues ranging  the Syrian refugee crisis to farmers facing irrigation problems. She also started a handcrafted goods non-profit to benefit poor Jordanians.

Ajlouni considers herself a “global citizen.” She aspires to not just report on the struggles and desperate situations in Jordan, but to engage with her audience and inspire viewers “to overcome difficulties and become active members of the society, maximizing their potential to achieve success.”

“Over time, rather than just covering a story, I used my journalistic instinct to identify people or communities I can help,” she wrote in her application.

While journalists in Jordan face intimidation, arrest, and imprisonment for writing articles deemed unfavorable by the government, Ajlouni said there are opportunities to “soften the gag orders” and to do stories that can influence new policies and highlight injustices.

Ajlouni has contributed political and financial stories as a freelance reporter and producer for  The Telegraph and Al Jazeera and for other television stations in the Middle East and Europe.

Ajlouni, our second Daniel Pearl Fellow, is working at CBS News for 60 Minutes.

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