Ivan Kuzmanovski

Ivan Kuzmanovski

Ivan Kuzmanovski

Macedonia | Editor, Sitel Television

Macedonian Fellow | Host: WBTV, Charlotte, NC

Kuzmanovski, 30, has worked as a journalist for more than 10 years, reporting from throughout the Balkan region and Europe. He has covered a range of breaking news events, from some of the worst natural catastrophes in the country to the largest migration crises in Europe.

Kuzmanovski is currently an editor at Sitel Television, one of the most influential stations in the country. According to Film New Europe, television remains the most influential media in Macedonia, and TV Sitel was the most watched domestic TV station in Macedonia in 2015. “We would like to stay on the top,” Kuzmanovski said.

He hopes the fellowship training will strengthen his investigative reporting and computer-assisted reporting skills, two sectors that are still developing in his home newsroom, he said. He then plans to take his experiences home and share the knowledge with his colleagues.

Kuzmanovski will work at WBTV in Charlotte, N.C., during the fellowship.

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