Tbilisi, Georgia

Khatia is a reporter for a digital news outlet and a television station producer. 

She left her first TV station with several colleagues after government capture, and then led an effort to form an independent online platform. 

Before the fellowship began, Khatia produced two weekly prime talk-shows at TV Pirveli. She also reported for the analytic web portal eugeorgia.info, where she started working in 2015 and helped cause positive changes in Georgia’s society.

After the fellowship, Khatia plans to form independent investigative reporting digital news outlet.  

“My goal is to launch a new in-depth project in Georgia that will lead to big changes not only in Georgian media, but in Georgian society as well,” she said. “I have an ambition to investigate the most vulnerable issues of our society based on new techniques, approaches and western journalism standards.”Khatia was invited to work for the Minneapolis Star Tribune before the coronavirus pandemic forced the suspension of the fellowship program.