Krenar Sadiku

Krenar Sadiku

Macedonia | Founder and journalist at VFV Media

Macedonian Fellow | Host: Missouri Business Alert

Sadiku, 32, founder and journalist at VFV Media, the house of the digital media sites, and He believes Macedonia is on the verge of a journalistic transformation and wants to be part of the movement for high-quality and ethical journalism in this new era.

Sadiku is a life-long learner. “When it comes to knowledge, I believe there is a milestone but never a goal, you always seek more but never achieve enough,” he wrote in his application essay.

He fell in love with the profession observing his father, a journalist whom he “idolized for his courage and righteousness” in the profession.

As a child, Sadiku happened upon a student protest and after witnessing the event he found himself asking “questions with no ending.” He realized that day that he wanted to dedicate his life to finding those answers.

“[Sadiku] is the kind of journalist who never stops working, with a special interest in larger issues,” his editor Fami Bajrami wrote in a reference letter. “He is known for thinking outside the box and always giving a little more than enough!”

Sadiku will work at Missouri Business Alert and observe other online news outlets during the fellowship.

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