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More than 60 news organizations across the United States have hosted Alfred Friendly Fellows since 1984.

In the early years, news giants such as James Naughton of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tom Winship of the Boston Globe, Ben Bradlee and Len Downie of The Washington Post and Burl Osborne of The Dallas Morning News welcomed the fellows to their newsrooms.

Smaller papers also joined up; Brandy Ayers’ Anniston Star was a fine example of the commitment to a forward-looking international effort. Both sides benefitted – the journalists who came and those who mentored and worked with them.

The Los Angeles Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the West Coast became frequent hosts, as did the Chicago Tribune and the Kansas City Star in the Midwest and the Wall Street Journal and New York Times in the East.

In recent years, Alfred Friendly Press Partners expanded the training of incoming fellows, now conducted at the Missouri School of Journalism, and broadened the host pool by recruiting digital media outlets such as the Huffington Post and nonprofit journalism organizations.

The quality of the training and the length of the fellowship provides a transformative experience for the young journalists, which sets our program apart from all others. The Fellows are immersed in the American lifestyle; they are living in their own apartments, shopping at the grocery store and making friends in their communities. They aren’t just observing newsrooms; they are functioning as members of the staff.

How our Partnership Works

Alfred Friendly Press Partners selects a suitable Fellow for a host newsroom after consulting with newsroom managers and assessing the journalist’s skills and professional goals.

The program begins the last week in March and ends the first week in September. Fellows spend about two weeks at the Missouri School of Journalism and five months in the host newsroom. There is a weeklong midterm training at the journalism school and a four-day final seminar.

Alfred Friendly Press Partners arranges for visas and provides for air transportation, housing, health insurance, phone service and a monthly stipend for living expenses.

Host newsrooms provide a newsroom orientation for the Fellow and appoint a mentor to coordinate fellowship activities and facilitate communication between the newsroom staff and the fellow. Newsrooms provide a suitable workstation for the Fellow, including, a desk, computer, phone, Internet access and cell phone. They reimburse the Fellow for expenses related to his/her work as the news organization would any regular employee.

Program Goals:

To provide the Fellow with experience in reporting, writing, editing, and editorial decision-making that will enhance future professional performance;

To expose the Fellow to the industry’s technological advances;

To enable the Fellow to gain a practical understanding of the function and significance of the free press in American society;

To transfer knowledge gained on the program to colleagues at home.

Please contact Program Director David Reed,, for more information.

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