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29 Jul

Fellow blog post: Emran Hossain – The Oofs and Ahhs of American encounters

By Emran Hossain She jumped off the sidewalk and veered across the street, followed by her dog.   Although it was broad daylight, I was lost and had approached the 50-something white lady about directions to find my way back ...

08 Jul

ASNE convention blog post: Emran Hossain

Must ‘national security’ be a dark abyss or will U.S. choose another path? By Emran Hossain It’s the secretive whisper that has turned into a roar and it has become something part Hollywood, personal, professional and of the world of ...

24 Jun

Reflection on 9/11 Memorial: Emran Hossain – After tragic 9/11, how much does freedom ring for America, the world?

By Emran Hossain NEW YORK − On a brilliant summer’s day, a recent sunny visit to the National September 11 Memorial Museum in this metropolis also offered some stark reminders that the darkness that gathered after an attack that killed ...

10 Jun

Fellow Huffington Post story: ‘Highly Politicized’ Bangladeshi Media Ignore Plight Of Arrested Blogger

‘Highly Politicized’ Bangladeshi Media Ignore Plight Of Arrested Blogger By Emran Hossain Published in the Huffington Post on June 7th, 2013 WASHINGTON — Asif Mohiuddin first learned he was arrested from a TV news report. Mohiuddin and his sister, Juela ...

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