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22 Jul

Fellowship helps me practice new ways of doing journalism

“Hi, I’m Jody García, a journalist from Guatemala, currently working for Plaza Pública and as a stringer for The New York Times. I’m part of the Alfred Friendly Fellowship Program, sponsored by the University of Missouri School of Journalism. As ...

01 Jul

Indian Fellow finds LA more about homeless than Hollywood

By Parth Nikhil In my coverage of homelessness for the Los Angeles Times, I was assigned a story that would take me to an abandoned plot of land south of the city. The reporter I was to collaborate with was ...

23 May

Making memories while learning journalism in America

By Gagandeep Singh I have been thrilled to attend the Missouri School of Journalism as an Alfred Friendly Press Partners Fellow. It was a dream-come-true moment when I landed at JFK Airport on April 24, and by the end of ...

21 Apr

Our shareable dashboard tracks stimulus spending 

By Anastasia Valeeva, TRACE Investigative Reporting Fellow 2022 Since the first day I joined The Marshall Project in January as part of my fellowship, I’ve been tracking and organizing ARPA expenditures with my colleagues. In early April, at the Poynter ...

02 Dec

Chinese alum profiled by foreign correspondents association

During an interview by the Association and Club of Foreign Press Correspondents in the United States, Yan Zhang talked about the fear and uncertainties involved in working as a visa-dependent journalist in Washington. Zhang was an Alfred Friendly Fellow in ...

09 Nov

Conference focuses on investigative journalism trends, tips, resources

By Anastasia Valeeva, TRACE Investigative Reporting Fellow 2022 The annual Global Investigative Journalism Conference took place the first week of November, but for the first time the world’s largest gathering of investigative journalists was online rather than in-person.  The Global ...

29 Apr

The AF journey makes you unlearn and relearn

By Abhishek Waghmare Journalism is as multi-dimensional as a profession can be. A “news” item can add new and critical information to a developing subject that a reader wants to know about, or a news analysis can add a new ...

20 Apr

A fellowship amid the world’s worst Covid-19 outbreak

By Daniela Castro | It was a cold night in mid-March when I arrived at the Columbia Regional Airport in Missouri — a Midwestern state that’s unknown territory for me. I arrived with two bags fully packed, and was prepared ...

17 Apr

Although suspended, this fellowship was a great episode in our lives

By Illia Ponomarenko | After so many trips to war zones across the world, I thought there could be no adventure crazy enough to surprise me.  I was wrong: my journey to coronavirus-afflicted America as part of the Alfred Friendly ...

16 Apr

From classroom to quarantine, a fellowship upended

By Khatia Shamanauri | One month into my journalism fellowship program, I’m writing this post while quarantined in a hotel room back home in Georgia instead of working in the newsroom of the Star-Tribune in Minnesota.  The coronavirus outbreak changed ...

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