Members of the Friendly Family, I’m really excited to share this news with you: The Alfred Friendly Press Partners board has asked me to run the organization after Executive Director Kathleen Graham departs to become the Executive Director of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

I’ve been a fan of AFPP for years now, especially since getting to know Kathleen and Randy Smith and meeting fellows through my work at the Missouri School of Journalism. I’ve interviewed some of the fellows on the Global Journalist program, chatted with several at receptions in Columbia, and had a few spirited conversations with fellows at a local pub.

One of my favorite professional experiences ever was in Ukraine last October teaching at the ImpactMedia program of the Foundation for Effective Governance, which sponsored an AFPP fellowship. I supported Kathleen’s decision to select Anastasia Forina of the Kyiv Post, for the fellowship. Now, we’re working together during this transition, and I’m grateful for her help.

David Reed teaches Ukrainian journalists at an ImpactMedia program in October 2013 in Kyiv

Here’s what I said for the news release that’s also been posted on the AFPP website: “The fellows I’ve met are extraordinary and all of them are making a positive contribution to the profession in their home countries. I’m eager to work with the board, the host newsroom managers, the fellows and our donors to keep improving the quality of journalism in countries that need our help. I’m confident we can expand our reach and our deepen our impact in the years ahead.”

One of the ways I hope to accomplish these goals is by talking with each of you about your experiences. We’d like to strengthen our program here in the United States and eventually establish training programs in some of your countries. So I’m depending on you to share with me what you think I need to know to reach our goals.

Please feel free to send me a note from time to time about what you’re doing and what ideas you have to make the fellowship program an even better experience. I’ll have an AFPP email address next week, but for now you can reach me at my MU address.

Kathleen will miss the Fellows and supporters but will continue to serve ethical journalism in her new role.  The organization wishes her well and considers her part of the Friendly Family.  She can be reached at

With warm regards,


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