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Saurav Rahman
23 Nov

Back in Bangladesh With Big Ambitions

A project to elevate truth and critical thinking  I’m part of an initiative that’s in the process of launching a misinformation and disinformation lab in Bangladesh. We are developing  the misinformation and disinformation lab as a project of Digitally Right, an ...

07 Jan

Owner guts Kyiv Post, independent spirit survives

By Illia Ponomarenko  (Six reporters from Kyiv Post have trained in the Alfred Friendly  fellowship program since 2014. Ponomarenko, whose fellowship was cut short in 2020 because of the pandemic, was the defense and security reporter at the Kyiv Post ...

13 May

Q&A: Pulitzer-winning team member, Pearl Fellow Aoun Sahi

Aoun Sahi, a Daniel Pearl Fellow in 2010, became a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times after he returned to Pakistan, writing stories about terrorism, politics and other big news in his native country. Then one day in early December, ...

Many schools in Yemen have closed because of the fighting
12 Dec

Letter From Yemen: ‘Will the world know about our suffering?’

By Malak Shaher It’s been four years since I was working at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as an Alfred Friendly Fellow. The experience improved my professional skills in many ways. After I came back to Yemen, I continued working as a journalist ...

12 Dec

Nepal earthquake recollections: I feel lucky to have survived

By Surendra Phuyal It was nothing like I had experienced before. Nothing like the current generation has experienced before. More than five weeks after the April 25 earthquake struck Nepal’s mountains, I still feel as if the ground is shaking. ...

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