Juba, South Sudan

Pat and Janna Stueve Foundation Fellow

Danga, 29, is a Voice of America correspondent and managing editor of an online news media platform in South Sudan. He was a reporter for the Juba Monitor newspaper until December 2019, when he co-founded The Insider, based in Juba. 

Danga also teaches at the Media Development Institute in South Sudan, where he trains student journalists on investigative journalism and related topics. 

Danga wrote an article for VOA that focused on the problem of government corruption in South Sudan. He and other reporters exposed how huge swaths of land acquired by foreign investors in Africa’s Nile River Basin export profits, and displace communities. They won third prize in the 2020 Fetisov Journalism Awards in Switzerland.

Mono Danga is also a member of the Centre for Collaborative Investigative Journalism.

During the fellowship, Danga wants to learn how to effectively expose corruption in South Sudan, and how good governance can be applied in his country.  He also intends to improve his news platform during the fellowship.

Danga interviews a guest for a news report broadcast on Voice of America’s South Sudan in Focus program in Juba 


VOA editor recommendation:  “Mr. Mono Danga is an excellent storyteller. His work spans investigations into human rights issues, environment, crime and sexual harassment. And, he has shown great leadership skills in the way he takes up responsibility for his duties. He has a knack for getting people to talk to him and always presents a wide range of voices in his stories. He is not afraid to cover sensitive issues in dangerous environments like South Sudan.”


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