Tags: "Alfred Friendly"

24 Apr

Let’s get lost. (It’s what all good tourists do, after all)

By Arooj Zahra It was a bright sunny April day in Columbia, quiet as usual on a Saturday in a university town that hosts over 35,000 students. The Alfred Friendly Press Partners of 2015 had to leave for their host ...

22 Apr

From candlelight to light speed: Dinosaur in digital age adapts

By Saw Yan Naing I’m like a dinosaur when it comes to using technology and multimedia platforms. This is worsened by the fact that my country in Southeast Asia has been isolated from the modern world for over six decades. ...

20 Apr

It’s hard to survive in America without a car

By Oksana Grytsenko  I was astonished when a woman stopped her big white car at a crossroad in Columbia and asked me for a dollar. In Ukraine, those who drive would never beg because owning a car in my country ...

03 Jul

Fellow blog post: Waqas Banoori – Media Innovation in the contemporary world!

By Waqas Banoori I’ve witnessed media’s development, strengthening and impact on innovation in Pakistan. A country that’s seen four martial laws, autocratic rule, unstable democracy and unaccountable elite has suddenly taken a 180 degree turn. Today, the parliamentarians, bureaucrats, military, ...

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