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27 Apr

Cuban alum reports on crises in his native country

Editor’s note: Mario José Pentón emigrated from Cuba to the United States via Guatemala and Mexico in late 2015, a dangerous 1,600-mile odyssey using a “coyote” to get across the border. During his Alfred Friendly fellowship in 2016, Pentón developed ...

01 May

This and That in Miami: Settling in, shadowing and encountering an Amin victim

The car-driving debacle is obviously behind us now. Moving on, life cannot get nicer or more interesting. However, so you know, I had gotten used to driving without GPS. By the time the car was taken away, I had gotten ...

16 Apr

Miami Maze: The longest seven mile drive

By Isaac Imaka I will not call it culture shock. No! The Alfred Friendly Press Partners orientation lecture on understanding the American culture and character was designed to prepare us for shocks, but not for this. But what, then, will ...

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