Tags: "New York Times"

29 Sep

Alum goes undercover in Namibia for illegal logging investigation

John Grobler has investigated wrongdoings in Africa for nearly a quarter century, since he returned home to Namibia in 1996 from an Alfred Friendly fellowship and a posting at the New York Times. Grobler has been covering the logging of ...

20 Sep

New graduate’s anti-corruption reporting earns Times byline

When Kamala Harris came to Guatemala City in June of last year, Jody García covered the story — particularly the vice president’s comments on corruption and migration — for a small monthly magazine called La Cuerda. With Guatemala’s President Alejandro ...

09 Nov

Conference focuses on investigative journalism trends, tips, resources

By Anastasia Valeeva, TRACE Investigative Reporting Fellow 2022 The annual Global Investigative Journalism Conference took place the first week of November, but for the first time the world’s largest gathering of investigative journalists was online rather than in-person.  The Global ...

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