Tags: "Uganda"

06 Oct

Alum leads newspaper launch in Uganda

When Issac Imaka was a child living in Uganda’s Busoga region, his mother called him “the “village journalist” and other adults called him “the quick one.”  “I started stationing myself at the village court to listen to cases of which ...

20 May

She made kabalagala, and made them really well

By Isaac Imaka Nancy’s only mistake was using plantain and not apple bananas. I don’t know why I didn’t give her that detail. I just told her bananas. I thought she would not even try to make them. She had ...

01 May

This and That in Miami: Settling in, shadowing and encountering an Amin victim

The car-driving debacle is obviously behind us now. Moving on, life cannot get nicer or more interesting. However, so you know, I had gotten used to driving without GPS. By the time the car was taken away, I had gotten ...

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