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05 Jun

Children of refugees from Burma thrive in San Diego

By Saw Yan Naing I recently met with more than 20 Karen teenagers in San Diego, a refuge for members of the ethnic minority who fled persecution in Burma. Some of the refugees who brought their children with them have ...

02 Jun

Take me out to the ballgame: a relaxing pastime

By Oksana Grytsenko Getting to know about baseball is essential for understanding American culture. That’s what Randy Smith, president of the Alfred Friendly Foundation, once told us during a journalism seminar. If the sport is indeed a mirror of the ...

01 Jun

Pakistan’s diploma scam leaves affiliated media jobs in peril

By Saher Baloch There are many problems that go unaddressed in Pakistan, and corruption is one of them. On the contrary, the international scandal involving Axact’s sale of fake diplomas has led to criminal charges against the company and CEO ...

28 May

Chicago wonders whether Obama can come home again

By Tarun Shukla With President Barack Obama’s term ending next year, Chicago is abuzz with speculation: Will he return to live in the city that brought him into the political limelight? From Hyde Park on Chicago’s South Side, the city’s ...

25 May

The Wild West is long gone: Time for America to expand gun control

By Oksana Grytsenko On a cloudy morning, two teenagers were walking down the street in the sleepy outskirts of Pittsburgh when another teenager jumped out at them and opened fire. At least four bullets pierced a black minivan parked nearby, ...

21 May

Exercising, suffering for the sake of front page story

By Oksana Gyrtsenko When the initial excitement about having my stories published in the Post-Gazette was gone, I decided to distance myself from writing and focus on photo and video production. I went to the multimedia department and asked the ...

20 May

Crowdsourcing plus good data, a strong combination

By David Herbling Crowdsourcing is a very useful strategy in data journalism, I learned the other day. This is especially true in this era where news first breaks out in social media, leaving reporters scratching their heads about Day Two ...

20 May

She made kabalagala, and made them really well

By Isaac Imaka Nancy’s only mistake was using plantain and not apple bananas. I don’t know why I didn’t give her that detail. I just told her bananas. I thought she would not even try to make them. She had ...

15 May

New media freedoms in Burma could end anytime

By Saw Yan Naing Burma is one of the world’s champions of media censorship.  The Committee to Protect Journalists recently ranked my country as No. 9, while listing Eritrea and North Korea as the most censored countries worldwide. Should I ...

10 May

Journalism from a periscope

By Tarun Shukla In times when legacy newsroom firings are common, a new survey rating newspaper reporter as the worst job in the United States shouldn’t have surprised me. Yet it did. Like many, I didn’t join the profession thinking ...

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