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25 Apr

After human rights advocate killed, time to take a stand for free expression

By Saher Baloch Ironically, I was going to write about the diversity of viewpoints in Los Angeles as my first blog, before I got this terrible news that Sabeen Mehmud was shot dead in my hometown,  Karachi. Sabeen was a ...

24 Apr

Let’s get lost. (It’s what all good tourists do, after all)

By Arooj Zahra It was a bright sunny April day in Columbia, quiet as usual on a Saturday in a university town that hosts over 35,000 students. The Alfred Friendly Press Partners of 2015 had to leave for their host ...

23 Apr

Against all odds, the American Dream begins

By David Herbling Having said bye to family and friends with a  final round of hugs, I pushed my rather bulky airport luggage trolley into the departures unit at Nairobi’s largest airport. Passport — check. Ticket — check. Departure time — ...

22 Apr

From candlelight to light speed: Dinosaur in digital age adapts

By Saw Yan Naing I’m like a dinosaur when it comes to using technology and multimedia platforms. This is worsened by the fact that my country in Southeast Asia has been isolated from the modern world for over six decades. ...

20 Apr

It’s hard to survive in America without a car

By Oksana Grytsenko  I was astonished when a woman stopped her big white car at a crossroad in Columbia and asked me for a dollar. In Ukraine, those who drive would never beg because owning a car in my country ...

20 Apr

Training experience starts with fire alarm, ends with ditched airliner

By Tarun Shukla Columbia was my first introduction to an American small town while participating in the Alfred Friendly Press Partners fellowship program. The Midwestern city that is home to the University of Missouri was to be our host for ...

16 Apr

Miami Maze: The longest seven mile drive

By Isaac Imaka I will not call it culture shock. No! The Alfred Friendly Press Partners orientation lecture on understanding the American culture and character was designed to prepare us for shocks, but not for this. But what, then, will ...

24 Mar

Fellow Profile: Kenyan’s passion for community service transitions into journalism career

David Herbling Nation Media Group, Kenya Alfred Friendly Fellow Hosted by Chicago Tribune   David Herbling taught for an aid agency in Somalia and was a community facilitator in Kenya when he decided to follow his enthusiasm for community service ...

19 Mar

AFPP 2015 fellowship program begins with expanded training regimen

The Alfred Friendly Press Partners selected seven accomplished journalists from six countries to participate in the 2015 fellowship program, which runs from March 20 through August and starts with an expanded two-week orientation and training program at the Missouri School ...

16 Mar

Fellow Profile: Exiled journalist now working inside Myanmar

Saw Yan Naing Yangon, Myanmar The Irrawaddy magazine Host:Tribe Media/The Jewish Journal Karen State native wants to start ethnic media enterprise After surviving civil wars in 1990s, Saw Yan Naing and his family were forced to flee their remote village ...

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