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10 May

Remarkable newsroom contributions during first month

Within weeks of arriving in their newsrooms, the 2018 Fellows got front-page and section-front bylines, took on challenging assignments and received high-profile interviews through their own initiative. Samarth Bansal is on the data unit of the Pulitzer-winning investigative reporting team ...

04 May

Meeting famous journalists and war heroes

By Krenar Sadiku | Time does not wait for us mortals, it keeps its pace and we need to keep up. That is how I have felt since I have been in Columbia. A lot is going on, and I ...

01 May

Working for 60 Minutes: A Dream Becomes Reality

By Farah Ajlouni | I was thrilled when I found out I was selected for the Daniel Pearl fellowship. It felt like a reward after all these years of hard work. I was ready to embark on the 6-month journey ...

30 Apr

J-School Experience was exceptional

By Aurora Karameti | My experience  at the Missouri School of Journalism was exceptional in three aspects: Academically, I learned many new things and I confirmed many of my opinions. The famous “Missouri Method” surprised me in several ways. It ...

26 Apr

Press Freedom Index: ‘The map is getting darker’

Reporters Without Borders has just released their 2018 World Press Freedom Index. The results aren’t good and show that we have a lot of work to do.   Global press freedom continues to decline in 2018. Hostility towards journalists is ...

25 Apr

Multitasking in TV reporting poses new challenge

By Danche Azmanova |  What do you do when the camera is heavier than you? How do you manage to hold the microphone in one hand, take notes with the other and shoot a video at the same time, while ...

24 Apr

Discovering new lessons in radio journalism and American culture

By Anna Yakutenko | It has been three weeks since I started my Fellowship at Kansas City University Radio – an affiliate of National Public Radio in Kansas City, Missouri. And I must admit, it’s a challenging time having to ...

18 Apr

Universities provide key role in journalism’s future

By Juan Luis García |  More than ever, it is important to recognize professional journalism and how universities play a crucial role to prepare future generations. As part of the Alfred Friendly fellowship, I have the opportunity to compare the ...

Krenar Sadiku
03 Apr

Giving your heart and mind to a city

By Krenar Sadiku |  If you think you can’t teach seasoned journalists new tricks, think again. Think of a place far away. Think of a country with a distant and different way of life, although it might seem so close ...

Nikola Krstikj
03 Apr

Macedonia vs Missouri method of journalism education

By Nikola Krstikj | Learning by doing — this is the essence of the famed Missouri Method practiced at one of the oldest journalism schools in the world. Teaching without practice – this is the way not only journalism but ...

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