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27 Feb

Press Partners announces Class of 2018

The 13 reporters, editors and broadcasters chosen for Alfred Friendly fellowships this year come with noble aspirations to uplift journalism in their home countries, despite facing a myriad of professional challenges, ranging from civil war and high crime to censorship ...

15 Sep

Russian watchdog journalist wins outstanding fellow award

Yevgenia Albats, the editor of one of the few remaining independent news outlets in Moscow, said the Alfred Friendly fellowship in 1990 gave her an appreciation of journalism ethics that guide her to this day. Albats spoke during the Class ...

30 Aug

Efficient Communication: a good lesson to take home

By Yuliana Romanyshyn | As the fellowship is approaching its end, I’m thinking about all the lessons I learned and how I can adopt some of them at home in Ukraine. Improving the culture of communication should be on the ...

17 May

War draws Ukrainian back to reporting

YULIANA ROMANYSHYN Kyiv, Ukraine | Reporter, Kyiv Post Alfred Friendly Fellow | Hosts: Missourian, Chicago Tribune By Veengas Yasmeen | Yuliana Romanyshyn had a comfortable job at an information technology company in a city near Ukraine’s western border when the ...

25 Jun

Fond memories of former Board member Ellen Soeteber

When Isaac Imaka was working at the Miami Herald as an Alfred Friendly Fellow in 2015, and when he returned to Uganda to work for the Daily Monitor, he often turned to Ellen Soeteber for advice, even after she left ...

10 Aug

Adieu, wise mentor

By David Herbling “Quotes are like spices,” Julie Tatge told me as she gesticulated like a chef sprinkling a season on food. As she edited my story, Julie took time to advise me on how quotes should be carefully selected ...

20 May

Crowdsourcing plus good data, a strong combination

By David Herbling Crowdsourcing is a very useful strategy in data journalism, I learned the other day. This is especially true in this era where news first breaks out in social media, leaving reporters scratching their heads about Day Two ...

10 May

Journalism from a periscope

By Tarun Shukla In times when legacy newsroom firings are common, a new survey rating newspaper reporter as the worst job in the United States shouldn’t have surprised me. Yet it did. Like many, I didn’t join the profession thinking ...

01 May

My first byline in the Chicago Tribune

It was a Tuesday morning like any other when I made my way to the Tribune Tower, having been attached at the Chicago Tribune for nearly a fortnight. I headed to my desk and did my usual morning ritual:  skim ...

24 Mar

Fellow Profile: Kenyan’s passion for community service transitions into journalism career

David Herbling Nation Media Group, Kenya Alfred Friendly Fellow Hosted by Chicago Tribune   David Herbling taught for an aid agency in Somalia and was a community facilitator in Kenya when he decided to follow his enthusiasm for community service ...

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