By Waqas Banoori

I’ve lived all my life in a country which is less developed and has issues with the economy, security, freedom and democracy. As soon as I entered the United States, I felt entirely in a different state of mind. I could see a satisfied populace enjoying freedoms which are hardly thinkable in our part of the world. I wondered why no one asked my identity after leaving the airport – while walking on the lawns of the White House or at the Capitol. I could clearly differentiate the environment back home where one cannot enter the red zone without a valid identity, or rather an influential identity.

The life in the US is quite disciplined, cultured and non-discriminatory. I found the people warm and welcoming. I was happy to see various cultures, identities and nationalities integrated into a single society without any prejudice. The equality is hard hitting in this society which is one of the finest components of living in US. The law stands on the top while people, every one of them, respects it. The weather is harsh, yet the life has been made so easy with all the amenities. Most importantly, a common man is so important here, and everybody’s opinion matters without any bias on the basis of status or economic condition.

After attending American University Professor Gary Weaver’s lecture on American culture, I must say that I’m already beginning to like it. With the ‘to do’ approach of these people, I am interested to take back home a couple of traits to share and continue. I take this fellowship as an extraordinary opportunity to understand the American lifestyle, culture and the people.