Office furniture expo also includes bulletproof vest

Workplace protection is meant to stop a .357 Magnum slug — and it comes with a chair 

Neutral Posture customer service director Brock Neville shows how to use the Guardian chair and bulletproof vest Monday at the NeoCon office furniture expo in Chicago. (Heather Charles, Chicago Tribune / June 10, 2013)

By Mugambi Mutegi
Published in Chicago Tribune in June 12, 2013

Here’s what you would expect to see at the big office furniture expo in Chicago: ergonomic chairs, stylish lighting, the latest in cubicle design.

 Here’s what you also get: the Guardian. It can be worn as a vest or draped on the back of your chair and is designed to protect today’s office worker, teacher or security guard from gunfire.

 You can use the vest to protect your back, or you can kneel behind it, and it’s designed to thwart a .357 Magnum slug.

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