I Love America—Land of the “Can Do” Attitude


I love the United States of America because it’s a land of opportunities, the land where the “can do” attitude prevails and dreams can come true.

Since I landed here a month ago, I’ve been experiencing some awesome adventures, the likes of which I never had in Germany, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka.

As I experienced cultural shock in at least five U.S. states, I learned how the majority of Americans are only interested in their domestic affairs. 

People believe in freedom of speech so they speak openly on domestic and international affairs. But I observed that the biggest issue of excitement for a large numbers of Americans seems to be presidential politics. Though Americans will choose their next President 2016, I covered a lot of debates in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Saint Louis, Kansas and Missouri, where the participants already vigorously discussed this matter.

Will Americans be electing their first lady President? was a common topic. If yes, many see Hillary Clinton is at top in this race at the moment.

During our orientation, the Alfred Friendly Press Partners trainers left no stone unturned as we brainstormed about true democracy, freedom, rules of law, racism, job-cuts, etc.

Before leaving for the U.S., I was in deep fear that would come across as speaking U.K. English with a Pakistani accent instead of American English. But with every passing day, I feel the difference that my own version is only a matter of a difference of spelling in dozens of words.

Usually, in my country of Pakistan, some people assume that Americans are rude. Yes, I found that some are, for sure. But I observe that the majority of people are loving and caring. They always welcome foreigners.

An impressive instance local people showing love happened when colleagues at The Kansas City Star celebrated my birthday in the office. I will not forget this for my whole life. Even though it was my fourth day in my office, and most people were not familiar to me, everybody individually came to my desk and wished me, “Happy Birthday.”

Last but not least, while the professional learning experiences were awesome, I must also say that I have also been learning how to cook American foods!