My love story . . . to be continued

By Sahar Majid

This is not my first time in the United States, so many of the experiences I have been having here are not new — more like a rekindled love affair. 

Last fall, I visited Washington, D.C. and Florida and met some fabulous people, visited very beautiful places and had incredible experiences. But that didn’t satisfy my appetite, as that journalism training program only lasted a few weeks.

Sahar at the Newseum during the Orientation Seminar

Now I’m back in D.C.  As well as beautiful museums, the last snow of spring, lively weekend nights and wonderful restaurants, there’s something else here: Courtesy. People’s willingness to help you . . . something that I really miss in Pakistan.

The friendships, hopes and dreams that were left unfulfilled on my last trip have now resurfaced in my life.  I’m living a long cherished dream.

Though I’m missing the aroma of my home food, my mother’s loving care who didn’t hesitate to make for me yummy paratha (pan-fried flat bread) at 2 a.m., my nieces’ tender touch when they play with me and my sister’s irritating concerns about her weight — life is still beautiful in the U.S. where new relationships are blossoming.

Whatever I left behind has given way to this new life . . . and I, with open arms, am willing to embrace all good things God has planned for me here.

More about my Philly encounter in the next blog  . . .