Content subject to change as participants provide feedback on what they want and need to learn

April 12-13| Skopje

Skills and Tools, Strategies for Effective Storytelling

Identify powerful story ideas and suitable story forms, find and develop sources, effective search, Web tools; discuss ethics, disinformation, narrative techniques, story organization, solutions journalism, and using social media in reporting; practice fact checking and verification. Case studies. Pitch stories with team members.

May 24-25| Skopje

Data-Driven In-Depth Reporting

Investigative journalism concepts and practices. Excel review, practice, advanced Excel, basic database skills, building a database, importing/converting data, interrogating data, incorporating data into stories.

June 14-15| Skopje

Mobile Journalism, Audio recording, Video production

How to use mobile tools and techniques for reporting and producing video stories. Audio capture, image quality, editing, exercises. Video sequencing, field shooting, editing, critique.

July 12-13| Struga

Advanced Data Journalism and Data Visualization

Finding data in Macedonia, the region and internationally; information graphics, mapping, building dashboards and stories in Tableau, Tableau group exercises.

September 13-14 | Mavrovo

Media Analysis, Effective Story Presentations

Analyze challenges and explore opportunities in new media. Applying lessons learned to business reporting and other specialty reporting. Team project presentations. Critiques. Certificate ceremony.

Periodic July-September

Interactive Webinars. Teams present story drafts to instructors. Critiques. Other content TBD