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31 Aug

Agenda Yahudi: A view from the middle

By Nicholas Cheng | In Malaysia, some of us spend a lot of time worrying about Israel, a country 6,427 miles away, and one we’ve never had conflict with. The last Jews left the country in the 1940’s and most ...

21 Aug

Pearl Fellows featured in panel discussion

Nicholas Cheng and Salman Yousafzai, the 2017 Daniel Pearl Fellows, talked about censorship problems in their countries and their impressions of journalism in the United States during a panel discussion moderated by Jewish Journal Publisher Rob Eshman, an Alfred Friendly ...

14 Jul

Pearl Fellow wins prestigious Chevening Scholarship

Nicholas Cheng, a 2017 Daniel Pearl Fellow from Malaysia, has been awarded a Chevening Scholarship and accepted into the London School of Economics, where he intends to earn a master’s degree in Conflict Studies. The Chevening Scholarship, aimed at developing ...

17 May

Movie featuring journalist inspired Malaysian reporter

NICHOLAS CHENG Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | Reporter, Star Media Group Daniel Pearl Fellow | Host: San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times By Ashley Lime | Nicholas Cheng was watching “The Paper,” a movie about the workaholic editor of a financially distressed ...

21 Apr

Lost in San Francisco

By Nicholas Cheng  Hello readers. I hope you are well. I am less than stellar, unfortunately. I am writing this blog post on the evening 14R bus back to my apartment in Richmond. It is 8 p.m. My feet hurt. ...

25 Feb

AFF board member analyzes Malaysiakini’s success

“Malaysiakini has taken advantage of the precarious space allowing comparatively free journalism on the Internet,” Tim Carrington writes in a report on the online news platform, which was launched in 1999 “in a country of continuous and pervasive media controls.” ...

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